The Zopo X is actually the Xiaomo 3

by Frank Tu 0

Recently, Zopo has been carrying out an advertising campaign for a new cell phone called, the “Zopo Xiaomo X.” The “Zoppo Xiaomo 3” is actually a better term. The name “Xiaomo III” has already appeared at Zopo’s Weibo account. Since it has been almost a year since the Xiaomo 2 first came out, the Xiaomo 3 should come out this year. Although a Xiaomo 2 and 2X will come out, there won’t be a lot of changes. Therefore, the “Xiamo X” is most definitely the “Xiaomo 3.”


Zopo seems to be keeping a tight lid over the Xiaomo 3’s specs. They did confirm that it would be a flagship phone and that basic components may be included such as 4G internet. Considering Zopo’s other products, it will likely use a processor from MTK.


An insider also leaked some other information about the Xiaomo 3. For example, although it may use a 2K screen, it might not have Quad HD resolution.