The Xiaomi Global Vice President, Hugo Barra, clarifies privacy concerns, explaining how Mi Cloud uses User Data

by Frank Tu 0

The fastly growing Chinese Company Xiaomi will make the cloud messaging service an opt-in service instead of automatic one. This step was taken after concerns were raised about security and privacy. The MIUI Cloud Messaging is similar to the Apple iMessage service. The service takes the messaging data through internet which makes it free. The data travels to the MIUI servers. It was revealed that the user data is shared with the servers in China. The user data that is shared with the servers include the phone contacts, phone numbers, IMEI numbers and SMS messages. The sharing of this critical data raised concerns about the privacy and security of user data. The situation worsened as the users don’t have opt-out option. The situation seems to change after these developments.

Recently, the Global Vice President of Xiaomi, Hugo Barra addressed to the rumors and conspiracies about data sharing. Xiaomi has given option to the users to opt out the service. Hugo Barra said the MIUI Cloud Messaging service doesn’t store any information about customers’ phone or social graph. He added that the data is encrypted and it is kept only for the time the message is delivered to the receiver.  Facebook Status of Barra stated that it is the company’s foremost priority to keep the user data safe and secure. The company doesn’t store private information without users permission.

Before this, the MIUI Cloud Messaging service was activated automatically for all Xiomi users, the moment they would insert the SIM in their Xiaomi phones. After the privacy concerns the service has been made optional to protect the user data. The update will be implemented from today. The update will incorporate the security layer that will encrypt the phone numbers when they will be transferred to the Cloud Messaging servers.