The truth about Xiaomi and Antutu

by Frank Tu 0

Although a lot of companies use the Antutu benchmark test, many in the industry have doubts about the way it tests the companies’ devices, and they have good reason to. It turns out that one of the legal representatives and executive directors of Antutu is the CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun. Before starting Xiaomi, Lei Jun was a high-profile investor in China and invested in many companies like the video review team, Zealer. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kingsoft which, last year, invested money in Antutu.


There is nothing unusual about this but according to Antutu’s entry in, not only does Lei Jun serve as a legal representative of Antutu but also as an executive director. Is it surprising that Xiaomi’s phones always seem to get very high scores in Antutu’s benchmark test?ori_5370735f9c485