Ensure security to your Android phone/tablet

by Frank Tu 0

Green Bot phone’s may not be as secured as Blackberry, but ensures security of your phone/tablet upto some extent.

If your handset gets stolen .It’s not just the lost phone that can make you worried,but the data stored inside which can prove wrong if it lands into wrong hands.

Thus ,if you are an owner of green bot there are some steps which you should take to ensure data protection for your device and also to track and manage the phone once it’s lost . Here are few security tips if you own an Android phone that can help in securing the data on your phone if not device.

Tip 1:Set up a Phone lock in your device. Devices are inbuilt with several kind of locks to ensure the data like pattern lock, password, pin-code and now  the security is tightening up biometric sensors are equipped in some Flagships, this prove great for the security of your device.

Let the password, pin-lock and pattern lock be tangled one not the basic, from this effectiveness  security in the system enables user to protect their data.


Tip 2:Don’t root your device. It not only avoid warranty but opens the level of access of the system to core point, unless you are a developer and can manage with rooting you should not root. Avoiding rooting increases security as large part of applications can’t gain direct access with-out rooting.

Tip 3:Install a proper antivirus-software, The biggest threat to security in devices is the virus, this is due to open source stuff of Android as any third-party applications can be side-loaded. This helps you to detect vulnerable apps which causes high risk and alerts you.

Many top anti-virus apps are available in play store including AVG,AVASTA,LOOKOUT etc..


Tip 4:Set up sim-lock, from the above tips you can just secure phone data, but what about the data present in the sim-card??Sim-Lock has the answer. Yes when you lock your sim-card your sim-data will be safe. This is because it requires you to input a PIN after changing it to another phone or rebooting the phone, so it provides the required security to your sim contacts and messages.

On top of securing your phone, make sure that you’ve locked your SIM if this is important to you.


Tip 5:Use official app store. We suggest you to download in native app store as Android being an open-source OS we are not aware of the potential danger it may cause as the app doesn’t require checking. Though play store is not free of malicious apps but it ensures some sort of security. These third-party applications may read your personal data available in your phone.


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