Meizu Mx4 Flyme 4.0 OS preview photoes leaked

by Frank Tu 0

meizu mx4


We know that On September 2nd , Meizu will launch the new machine MX4, and the new Flyme 4.0 OS. Let’s enjoy the HD effect photos of Flyme 4.0. And yesterday, some websites disclosed the HD effect photos of Flyme 4.0, let’s enjoy.

From the Meizu Flyme 2.0, Meizu started the flattening adjustment, and until Flyme 3.0, a complete overall flattening effect went to the public and led the fashion. Recently, the whole cell phone flattening era is coming, and at this time, people all guess how Meizu will make the adjustment again.

Before, in the invitation letter and the puzzle games, Meizu disclosed parts of UI interface, which is still fresh. And from the disclosure this time, people have a clear feeling.

Just from the photos disclosed, the Meizu new system interface adopts the flattening design, and the UI seems more light and smooth, and Smartbar still exists while can be hidden. And the inner color and icons are more delicate.

Besides, the system apply parts of transparency and aero glass effects, and the notice menu can be drop-down. However, this kind of design looks good, while it seems that it is not that special as in the Meizu cell phone before.