MIUI v6 response to copy iOS: Apple’s iOS is not original as well

by Frank Tu 2


After the MIUI v6 launched, some people, especially the Medias, criticized that the new version of MIUI copied iOS7’s design, or at least the inspiration was derived from iOS7. Concerning to this matter, Hong Feng, director of MIUI, replied and questioned that:

“Did they use MINU v6 ever? If they didn’t use, how can they say like that. If I check the development log of MIUI v6, at least 10 features of iOS I can find out are derived from us. And if we check the document of MIUI v5, the motion blur are applied already. What’ more, from the development history of the computer, the motion blur was initially from Windows Vista actually. Apple has this feature, but it doesn’t means that they did firstly.  ”

In our opinion, flattening, transparency and aero glass are not the patents of iOS7, it was indeed Apple applied it in iOS7, which brought this design to the UI design of mobile phone system, and led the transformation of UI design, after that, almost all manufacturers followed, and therefore, it is a little rigor for criticizing MIUI v6 only.