RedMi Note 4G Killer Wnnabe: First 4G LTE mobile phone of Dakele

by Frank Tu 0

As to the next half year, almost all the Smartphone will step into 4G era. The Dakele mobile phone announced its first 4G mobile phone will be released on Septembel 3rd, which will install the Ali Cloud OS at the first time. Ding XiuHong, CEO of Dakele mobile phone, said at the Weibo, that the first 4G mobile phone will be launched with Alibaba, which will be the first 4G machine installed the latest system of Ali Cloud OS. As exposed from reliable source, this machine will use 720p screen of 

5.5 inches, apply processor of Qualcomm snapdragon 400 series, and 2GB memory, with the overall specs similar with RedMi Note,the price shall be around 1000 RMB. ($162)

PK 红米Note 4G:大可乐首款4G手机曝光

PK 红米Note 4G:大可乐首款4G手机曝光

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