Early made iPhone 6 lightning cable from the third parties could be Unusable

by Frank Tu 0

Copycat product in China is almost the same in appearance with the authentic product, while the price is cheaper, but also will result in damages to the device.

There is no surprises to see any kind of leaks of iPhone 6. After the internal components and the real assembly mobile phone leaked, the iPhone 6 lightning cable leaks these days, which is charactered with the reversible USB design. And the copycat product of data cable for iPhone 6 emerges amazingly almost within the same day.
These iPhone 6 lightning cable  looks like the authentic product, however, without MFi (Made for iOS) certificates. That means, although these copycat data cable can be used in the iPhone 6 to be launched, it will be disable as long as Apple released the software updates. What’s more important, it is heard many times that this kind of  iPhone 6 lightning cable  will bring damages to iPhone.
Mendmyi, a British maintenance company  announced publicly in June of this year that, after testing, the iPhone 6 lightning cable from the third parties (refers to the parties without authorization or certificate from Apple) will bring damages to the iPhone. The opening or charging system might be affected if long time using these iPhone 6 lightning cables.