Exclusive Charging Point for iPhone 6

by Frank Tu 0

Although the rumors said that the reversible Lighting-USB data cable will be used for iPhone 6, it still is doubtful. However, a third supplier named Moca.co leaked the USB exclusive charging point for them. Nevertheless, Moca.co also explained that, though the MFi certificate for the adapter was obtained, while still no orders have been made from Apple. That means, it is possible that the new data cable will not be presented with iPhone 6.

There is not so much differences between this charging point and the common adapters in appearance.

It is charactered with Lighting data cable of dual USB ports .

Insert front side

Insert rear side

Moca.co said, the cooperation partner of the manufacturer has supplied the sample of the Lighting data cable with dual USB terminal, while still no orders have been made. And it is heard that as high as 2A current (2 times of the current iPhone charging adapter) can be borne.

Reversible USB Lightning Cable and new 2A Power Adapter for iPhone 6

It is reported that the new adapter will be applicable for all models of iPhone, iPod and iPad mini.  Moca.co is intended to obtain the data cables and adapters from the MFi certificated manufacturer cooperative partner. And now the mass production for Octorber has been made (if sufficient orders can be obtained).

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