HTC launched world’s First octa-core 64 Digits Mobile Phone

by Frank Tu 0

HTC just announced to launch the first octa-core 64 digits mobile phone in the world on September 4th in it’s official Weibo. No further information unveiled by HTC. However, from the photo attached, we can see the Smartphone should be of round and smooth side angle, a front camera is designed at the left side, and a row of speaker holes can be seen.
Also Qualcomm China has announced earlier by its official Weibo that: the first mobile phone with 8-core 64 digits of Snapdragon 615 is about to be launched, please be expected. what more, the attached photo is the same with that of new mobile phone to be launched by HTC. Therefore, it can be confirmed that the HTC new mobile phone will apply the 8-core 64 digits of Snapdragon 615, and it is probable to remain the front double speaker design.