Xiaomi Bought Sapphire Glass For Limited Edition Phone

by Frank Tu 0

Since the news that iPhone 6 will use the sapphire glass screen came out, the attention to this cell phone increased rapidly. Now except that the domestic manufacturer Vivo is intended to release a sapphire glass screen mobile phone, it seems that Xiao Mi also has this plan.
According to the report from Electronic Times in South Korea, XiaoMi has contacted with the sapphire glass screen manufacturer of South Korea, and requested them to produce sapphire glass screens for a limited edition of premium Smartphone, which is expected to be launched at the end of this year. 

It is reported that Xiao Mi has ordered the sapphire glass screen for 50000 Smartphones, but Xiao Mi did not mention the manufacturer. 

Last November, Apple announced to cooperate with GT Advanced Technologies, and established factory in Arizona, USA to produce the sapphire glass screens. It is estimated that the sapphire glass screens produced will be used for iPhone 6.


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