Reasons why new flagship of Huawei calls Mate 7?

by Frank Tu 0

Yu Cheng Dong (Huawei’s CEO) explained why the new flagship of Huawei calls Mate 7. It can be confirmed that Huawei will take the press at Berlin, Germany on September 4th for launching the new flagship machine Mate 7. This phone has appeared at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, so there is no privacy for the configuration of the cell phone any more, which consists of 1080p screen of 6 inches, 1.8GHz processor of 8 cores, 2GB RAM, 500/1300 Mpi camera. Nevertheless, it is said that there is a top level configuration version for this machine, with the screen resolution up to 2k and memory updated to 3 GB, which are not confirmed yet.
So, why does the new flagship of Huawei call Mate 7? The last generation was Mate 2, where are the others? According to the explains from Yu Chengdong, the senior vice president, the

Mate 3, Mate 5 and Mate 6 existed actually, while were abandoned due to the problems such as appearance and design, therefore, Mate 7 is released directly. 

Besides, Yu Chengdong implied that he will make the presentation at the conference press of Mate 7, where the “Seven Functions” will be described.

余承东自曝华为新旗舰:为啥叫Mate 7?

余承东自曝华为新旗舰:为啥叫Mate 7?

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