IUNI U3 launched:2K screen and RMB 2000 ($325)

by Frank Tu 0

In the afternoon of August 26th, IUNI launched its second mobile phone U3 in Beijing today. This mobile phone uses 2k screen of 5.5 inches, supports two 4G LTE. IUNI has launched its first mobile phone U2 in this March.


IUNI launched its second mobile phone U3

The selling point of the second product is its mobile phone screen, which uses 2k screen of 5.5 inches. IUNI emphasis the color performance of the screen. This is the second generation screen made by Sharp, with the pixel density upto 538 ppi, and the screen is of high fresh rate, better power saving and auto color adjustment, which is one of the best 2k screen currently. This screen supports  glove mode, which is suitable for Winter. For the outer layer of the screen, IUNI U3 uses Gorilla Glass3 made by Corning, with better scratch-resistance.

All-metal rear cover have not been used in IUNI U3, and the Al-Mg alloy metal material is used for the front of mobile phone, with the mobile width of 74.9. The rear cover uses plastic material.

In hardware, IUNI U3 uses Snapdragon 801 Quad-core processor of Qualcomm company, with the main frequency of 2.32.3 HGz, 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, 2K resolution screen, 3000 mAh battery capacity, which are similar to the configurations  for the Android flagship mobile phone of other brands.

The camera of IUNI U3 is of 13.00 Mp, F 2.0 aperture and OIS  optical steadyShot. The camera interface is designed simply, with front Webcam of 400 Mpi.

4G LTE is also a highlight of IUNI U3, which supports TD-LTE and FDD-LTE 4G LTE, and also be compatible with WCDMA and GSM. This mobile phone supports dual SIM cards.

IUNI is intended to follow Xiao Mi mobile phone. They publiched the IUNI OS based on Android, and then launched the mobile phone.

And in the conference press today, IUNI OS is still a selling point of this mobile phone. IUNI always emphasize the strengths of ROM: simple and no third party pre-installed applications.  The latest IUNI OS is based on Android 4.4 system, which optimized the Security, Speech Assistant and gesture. Except for its owner mobile phone, IUNI OS has been suitable for the other 11 mobile phones.

There is only 32 GB version for IUNI U3, and only three colors can be selected. The price of U3 is RMB 2000($325), which can be ordered at its official website and JD.com since September 10th.