The Intel Haswell E goes on sale in Taobao before being launched

by Frank Tu 0

Tomorrow, Intel will officially launch its newest platform, the Haswell-E processor, but to everyone’s surprise, it has already gone on sale.


The first online store to sell the Haswell-E is none other than Taobao. Right now, most sellers in Taobao are predetermined right now but one seller claims that it can already ship this processor, even posting a picture of the processor. It seems to be credible.


Regarding the price of the Haswell-E as sold by this manufacturer, the top-knotch edition’s (i7-5960) price is somewhere between 8199 RMB (1334.41 USD) and 8999 RMB (1464.61 USD), while the mid-end version (i7-5930K) costs 4999 RMB (813.60 USD) and the low-end version (i7-5820K) costs between 2999 RMB (488.09 USD) and 3499 RMB (569.47 USD).


The official prices were released by Intel the other day. The Core i7-5960X will cost 999 USD (5136 RMB), while the i7-5930K will cost 583 USD (3580 RMB) and the i7-5820K will cost 389 USD (2390 RMB).

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