Huawei launches Mate 7 today, does fingerprint recognition

by Frank Tu 0

Today, Huawei will release their newest device, the Mate 7.


According to reports, four versions will be shipped to stores: MT7-CL00, MT7-TL00, MT7-TL10, and MT7-TL10. The Mate 7 sports a 6-inch 1080p display screen. The biggest highlight about this device is, of course, its fingerprint recognition function.


The Mate 7 also uses the 1.8GHz Kirin 925 octa-core processor. Users can choose between a 2GB RAM/16GB version and a 3GB RAM/32GB ROM version. It also sports a 5mp/13mp camera. Tonight at 9 PM, let us witness the arrival of the Mate 7.


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