Cube Talk8 H has 2mp camera and G+P touch screen, costs 499 RMB (81.40 USD)

by Frank Tu 0

Cube has enjoyed success in the phablet market with its Talk flagship series due to their great features and affordable prices. Early June, Cube released the Talk8, a qud-core phablet with an 8-inch screen that only costs 599 RMB (97.71 USD), and now they will release a new cheaper version, the Talk8 H.


The Talk8 H is a watered down version of the original. The Talk8’s G+G touchscreen has been replaced with a G+P but both are still made of the same material. Furthermore, the Talk8’s 5mp AF rear camera has been replaced with a 2mp one.


Other than these two, the rest of this phablet’s specs remain the same. It is still white and its measurements are 220 x 123 x 9.5mm. It still uses a Samsung PLS display screen with 1280 x 800 resolution and its processor is the 1.3GHz MTK8382 quad-core chipset. It also has 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. Its front camera is still .3mp and it is powered by a 4500mAh battery. Its OS is based on the Android 4.42. It also supports WCDMA internet and WiFi-Display.


The Cube Talk8 H is much cheaper than the Talk8, costing only 499 RMB.