Giveaway: Win A Free OnePlus Silver Bullet Earphone

by Shine Wong 6

Oneplus Silver Bullet Earphone

Oneplus just release their first earphone for Oneplus one phone today: Oneplus Silver Bullet Earphone. OnePlus says that the Silver Bullet earphones the earphones are made of aluminium, which will offer a durable and sturdy build to the gadget. The company has created the earphones with music lovers in mind, promising that the earphones will offer high quality, immersive sound through a superior dynamic stereo speaker system and dynamic bass response.

What’s neat about the OnePlus Silver Bullet earphones is that they come with a remote that allows you to control music, voice calls and even your camera on the  Oneplus One. It’s not clear if the earphones will be as compatible with Android or iOS devices, but the company will surely let us know by the time the earphones go up for sale.

Here is the specifications of Oneplus Silver Bullet Earphone:

– Impedance: 32ΩSensitivity: 108dB (at 500Hz)
– Frequency: 20Hz-20000Hz
– Maximum Power: 20mW
– Connector: 3.5mm
– Wire: Environmental TPE, 1.1m

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