Nibiru Saturn Old folks cellphone coming soon

by Frank Tu 0

On September 1, Nibiru released the Jupiter 1 and Venus 1 phones. Among them the M1 (Jupiter 1) has a phablet with a big display screen and uses an MTK octa-chore chipset. They also announced the release of other phones like the Saturn. Now, here’s our first look at the Saturn phone.


Surprisingly, this phone is targeted at middle-aged and older uses. A while ago, Nubia’s chief manager, Zhang Shen reposted someone elses comment in his Weibo account that a certain phone for older folks cannot be called the first old persons phone brand and that the Saturn 1 is the “grandfather of grandfather phones,” showing full confidence on his brand.


Also, Nibiru’s upper management also revealed that the Venus 1 will come out soon but did not give any details on its specs or design.