Shenzhou X55’s mid-frameto be made of aluminium-titanium alloy

by Frank Tu 0

In recent days, more information has been revealed about Shenzhou’s 4G cellphone, the Shenzhou X55. Other than its specs, information has been revealed about the material used to make this phone’s mid-frame. It was revealed that the X55 will sport a mid-frame made of an aluminum-titanium alloy.


According to the Baidu Encyclopedia entry on this metal, an aluminum-titanium alloy is a very strong metal with high quality. It is also easy to color on and even lighter than stainless steel. However, this metal is not very popular and is very expensive. By using this metal, Shenzhou intends to defeat the Mi 4 and MX4 in terms of material.

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Many snapshots have already been posted online as well as information on its specs. The front is black while the back is white. It might be available in many colors. It might sport a 5.5-inch display screen and a 14mp HD camera, use the MT6592/MT6290 dual-LTE chipset, and have 2G RAM and 16G ROM.


This will probably be launched in October.

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