DOSS Alonso A5 BlueTooth Speaker review

by Frank Tu 0

Yesterday, DOSS Alonso released a multi-colored Blue Tooth speaker called the DOSS Alonso A5. Let’s take a look at it.d832fea9604daefc The design of this cone-shaped device is based on the re-entry capsule of the famous Shenzhou 7 spacecraft. The speaker is covered by black wires making it almost hard to imagine that this is a Blue Tooth speaker. 904a045fec2d20f3 Even though this is a “hornless speaker,” it has two 1.5-inch NdFeB magnetic components and a big low-frequency diaphragm. The Alonso A5 also has 72 LED lights that shine when turned on. da26badcaa8f2a3880da7c0a7f62f549       The buttons are all located at the bottom side of the speaker. These include the power button and light switch. There are no volume or pause buttons. To adjust the volume, just swipe your hand on the logo at the top side of the cone. You can also pause the device if you press your hand on the logo. d395017ee6865abf   The speaker comes with 72 LED lights in three colors that can make a beautiful image. One LED light is equivalent to 1 pixel. 31462601f18ad44f6c0c362ea37c35eb 492b21bb3438adbe eca4dd9b9ac50b45 af9795ce4282bdd0 The DOSS Alonso A5 can be connected to many current smartphones such as Apple’s, Android’s, and Windows’ by Blue Tooth. Once you turn on the speaker, it will search for the nearest smartphone which you can, then, connect it to. b3cf99ff588722d1 Next, we tested the sound quality by playing some music. The drumbeat is vivid and clear. Overall, it’s very good. There are no breaks or cracks in the sound. ada9e04aab2b079e

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