Lenovo S860 hands on photos: brushed metal back with 4000mAh battery

by Frank Tu 0

The Lenovo S860, which first went on sale early this year, is one of Lenovo’s star products with its long-lasting 4000mAh battery. Its 5.5-inch OGS screen is much bigger than its predecessor, the P780, and has HD resolution. It also sports an 8mp camera and runs on the 1.3GHz MTK6582 quad-core chip. It also has 1GB RAM. It has a unibody design with no cracks or holes making it the first Chinese smartphone to do so. Furthermore, this phone is very affordable. Almost a year after its release, its price has gone down from 1999 RMB (325.62 USD) to about 900 RMB (146.60 USD).

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