Lenovo K3 photos leaked, born to compete with Redmi

by Frank Tu 1


Lenovo recently announced that they would start a new subsidiary that would provide services for terminal-end smart devices. This subsidiary would open on April 1, 2015. Not long after, photos of what is purportedly the first internet cellphone from Lenovo’s new subsidiary was released. It is called the Lenovo K3.

Do not misunderstand. It is not related to Lenovo’s K900 and K920. This one is more of a low-cost phone based on the photo comparisons with the Xiaomi Red Mi 1S.      It sports a yellow back with no discernible features. The Lenovo K3’s screen seems to be as big as the Xiaomi Red Mi’s. We will just have to wait for more updates, so stay tuned.s_1f92dd3d86cf43d79d25f99a471c28ea s_e402b149d41d4525abf574a9b3d43211 s_a29541f2aae241fbb74ebc9b785ec9b9 s_a14f0caab573454ebc2c742421507a88 s_862559b3afba4e739da4945ff04c0c51 s_9bfafb3d348d4bdc8d0d7239e2de2b99 s_6f60995bb32b44f1a1e464a7591e4c12 s_2df434963f154630a91981529677b9f6