The Wico S100 is the “world’s cheapest octa-core phone”; only costs 89 USD

by Frank Tu 2

WIco S100

Wico is preparing to release what they call the “world’s cheapest octa-core cellphone.” Its name is the “Wico S100,” or the “Lightning God.” A picture showing what appears to be a rendering of the Wico S100 shows that this will use a frame made of stainless-steel and will only have a thickness of 6.5mm.

Another photo shows the Wico S100’s battery. It appears that this phone will use a long thin rectangular battery. Considering the phone’s slim body, the battery may have as much 2800mAh.

As stated before, the Wico S100 has been called the “world’s cheapest octa-core smartphone” and will cost 89 USD. According to reports, it will use an octa-core processor from MTK, probably the MT6592. It will also have a 5-in OGS display screen, 1G RAM, 8G ROM, and an Android kitkat OS. It will also have WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.

Wico S100