Flyme 4.0: Closed beta tests for Meizu MX2 and MX3 versions to begin soon

by Frank Tu 0




At the launch of the Meizu MX4, the company promised that the Flyme 4.0 OS would also work on the MX3 and possibly the MX2 based on the circumstances. Now, Meizu has confirmed that the Meizu MX2’s OS would also run the Flyme 4.0.

This morning, according to Flyme’s official Weibo account, the firmware for the Flyme 4.0 for the Meizu MX2 and MX3 will soon undergo closed beta tests, and 500 users can participate in each of the two tests. Take note that, according to Meizu, once their operating systems are upgraded to the Flyme 4.0 OS, the user cannot bring them back to the Flyme 3.0, so those interested in participating should carefully consider. Since Meizu’s engineers are already working on the Flyme 4.0, updates for the Flyme 3.0 should stop by early next week.