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Xiaomi Mi4 low-end edition: price cut down to1599 RMB (261.36 USD) while 4G version to cost 1799 RMB (294.05 USD)

by Frank Tu 3


Many users are wondering about the release of the low-end version of the Xiaomi Mi4 and its price. Now, insiders reveal that it will go on sale during 11th October’s big sale. The 3G version will cost 1599 RMB (261.36 USD) while the 4G version will cost 1799(294.18 USD). The biggest difference between the original Mi4 and its low end version is that the RAM has been lowered from 3GB to 2GB. Other than that, the low-end version’s specs are almost the same.

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  • bfcf

    Wow. Good deal.

  • astosenix

    no 4G LTE in the lowcost version

  • Manuel Magalhães

    Is this 4G version the 4G LTE, the one who works in Europe? if its not any prediction about the release date of the 4g global cover? Because there is already a redmi note with 4g global cover! can’t understant why there isn’t for the mi4