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5000mAh Xiaomi Mi Power Bank tear-down

by Frank Tu 6

Xiaomi Power bank (5000mAh)       According to Xiaomi, the most obvious change in the 5000mAh Xiaomi Mi Power Bank is its weight and thickness. It is lighter and slimmer. This power bank uses a battery cell provided by ATL which is also one of Apple’s suppliers. It also uses a solution made by the famous Texas Instruments. 

Xiaomi Power bank (5000mAh)

Xiaomi Power bank (5000mAh)

The 16000mAh and 10400mAh power banks are 350g and 250g, respectively. Both of them use the 18650 battery cell. The 5000mAh power bank uses a polymer battery cell, is only 9.9mm thick, and only weighs 156g. You can easily carry it around in your shirt pocket.

Xiaomi Power bank (5000mAh)

The Xiaomi Power Bank 5000mAh version’s model number is NDY-02-AM. As for voltage, it has 3.7V. According to Xiaomi, its input is 2.0A, while its output is 2.1A. In other words, it should only take 3.5 hours to fully charge this device with a 5V/2A charger and cable.

Xiaomi Power bank (5000mAh)

Its design is similar to Xiaomi’s other power banks. The power switch is located on one end of the device’s curved body, along with the 4XLED light and USB charging port. The outer cover is made of an aluminum alloy.

Xiaomi Power bank (5000mAh)

You can separate the front and back covers by unscrewing the right bolts there. Now, we can look at the motherboard and battery cell.

Xiaomi Power bank (5000mAh)

What everyone is most concerned about is what solution Xiaomi used for this device. We found some information on the battery cell and its PCBA.

Xiaomi Power bank (5000mAh)

The 5000mAh Xiaomi Mi Power Bank still uses the ABOV 97F1204SMBN.

Xiaomi Power bank (5000mAh)

It also uses the TI BQ24195 which enables the power bank to charge at 2A.

Xiaomi Power bank (5000mAh)

The battery cell used comes from ATL and has 18.1Wh. Its model number is H994406L.

Xiaomi Power bank (5000mAh) Xiaomi Power bank (5000mAh)

I charged the Power Bank using a 5V 2A charger. The input was 5.25V (2.2A), and the charging speed is pretty good.

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  • Again, thanks for the detailed look inside.

    Curious, what kind of USB meter is that? Source? Looks similar to one I have, but with a nicer display.

  • rebecca

    When I am trying to charge my device all the lights are flashing and after a few hours it still isn’t charged. Do I need to charge it super long the first time? Is this normal? Is it faulty? Did yours do the same thing?

    • coulox

      are you using a 5V 2A charger ?

      for exemple if you used a 5V 0.5A you will need more time to charge the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

      • Hiwyx

        Well I don’t think that a year later you’ll find my answer but anyway.
        I got the same problem with my 5000mah and disassembled it. I found that the temp probe cable was cut. This is an assembly problem and it seems I’m not the only one with it. They make the cable “too straight” with no loose, when plugging and unplugging the USB connector, it pulls the prob cable and it ends by breaking.
        With no temperature info, the PCB refuse to charge or discharge (which is actually a serious safety feature).

        I welded it back adding some loose and it works just as good as before 🙂

        I actually found that article as I was looking for photos to disassemble it.

    • Massimo

      hi.. my xiaomi power bank (5000mah) does the same think. Do you have solved? if i try to connect it to my phone, powerbank turns off after 2-3 seconds and does not charge it. It’s brand new and Original (verified)

  • Christian G.

    what about the cable which came with the powerbank? Is it good?