Manta 7X – first cell phone concept of Manta, (cell phone without buttons)

by Frank Tu 0


Cell phone-related industry has been developing rapidly, and many manufacturers lose innovation in the price war.  But some  Dream brands avoid this fight to create innovative products, as in the case of approaching this Manta X 7. It is a smart phone that is not limited to a specific feature, but a phone that comes with no buttons at all.


It is clear that Manta is a newly-established brand  and no one may have heard of Manta’s name before. The brand  is based from the Shanghai China dolphin Technology Co. , Ltd. and its first product is called Manta X 7. Official X 7 description – it is a “from tomorrow, the smartphone. From the pictures, it can be seen that the sides seems to be clean as there is no common Power, volume, etc. The phone is made from metal and the results can be seen back with good metal texture, and in addition the clean body, both the top and bottom feature popular micro-arc curve design.


Without the physical buttons, how will the phone operate? Well, the phone uses “smart borders”, and commonly used function keys by touch in the box “smart borders” to complete. 

In addition official statistics, Manta X 7 also has adopted an innovative thumb tracking technology, the Wisdom border sensing your thumb position on the screen and “thumb hot zones, to have the dial-up, such as the applications are always displayed on your thumb to the scope of the action, to achieve true single hand operation, even if the screen is big, the user can also perform normal single-handed operation.

Current understanding of the phone is not enough, but the “no press” and “wisdom” borders, and other content is sufficient eye-catching. The details like the price of the product, configuration, etc. are not known at the moment.

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