Xiaomi‘s New Flagship Possibly Leaked in Live Photos!

by Linus 6

Xiaomi has been on the news lately with the purported leaks of the Xiaomi Mi4s/5. We have reported today that a possible Xiaomi Mi 4s is characterised to have 5.7-inch screen (other sources claim that it may spot a more compact – 5.5 inches screen), which will be covered by the sapphire glass and spot a 2k resolution (packed in a 2.5D screen), Snapdragon 805 chip (other sources claim 810 version, which is less possible knowing the fact that the 810 version of the chip would not be ready for the mass production on the possible release of Xiaomi’s new flagship), will have a higher megapixel camera, will be running MIUI based on Android5.0 and it may have a support for fingerprint recognition.

Right now we have some fresh live pictures, where we can possibly see the new device by Xiaomi in flesh and blood!


Let us admit that these pictures are quite high quality and in the first picture you can clearly see a MI logo, which may be a Xiami’s new flagship device! What is more, the device in the pictures looks a bit different to the previous leaks we have posted today. Here we cannot see that super slim bezel and there are no visible capacitive buttons on the bottom of the device. It may imply the fact that the Xiaomi has decided to ditch the capacitive buttons and go with the on-screen ones.

In addition, it looks like this device is surrounded by an aluminium frame, which is not a big news for the company since it has already been used on the MI4 model. Also, we can see volume up/down buttons along with the power button on the right, which seems to be a right placement. Furthermore, we think that the device in pictures is very similar to the older MI3 model.

The rumours claim that it could be either a Mi4s/Mi5 or a completely new flagship device, which would not be as cheap as previous MI series devices as it may cost 2999 Yuan (in comparison, the Mi4 costs 1999 Yuan). That could mean that the company has decided to throw anything what is possible on the smartphone in the new portfolio of the devices.

Having said all that, it is not clear which phone in the pictures is the real deal and which one is fake. We are curious what do you think about the device in the pictures. Let us know in the social poll or the comment section below.

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