Meizu MX4 Pro vs. Huawei Honor 6 Plus vs. Xiaomi Mi4 Heat Test

by Linus 4

When it comes to smartphones there are a lot of things we consider. First, we start by the design, then we dive in to the specs. Most of us want the super-specced devices to be able to handle things like gaming, record high resolution videos and do other stuff. However, the smartphone, the same as any electronic device produces heat. The heat can be especially felt when we throw some high intensity tasks, which need more power from the device.

Right now we would like to see how one of the best Chinese smartphones can handle the heat.

Screenshot 2014-12-26 23.42.33

In the first picture we can see the heat test of the touch screen part while playing a quite high intensity game – Riptide GP2. As you can see, the temperature is depicted in colours and numbers in each device.

In this test the best results were shown by the Honor 6 Plus, which uses the Kirin 925 processor. Its temperature reaches the maximum of 37.6 at the bottom of the device. We believe that this is quite comfortable temperature to hold as the usual temperature of human body is 36.6 degrees in Celsium.

The second came up the Meizu MX4 Pro, which managed to heat up a bit more and reach the temperature of 42.7 degrees at the top of the device. It may start getting a bit uncomfortable.

The worst results were shown by the Xiaomi Mi4. As you can see in the first picture above, the device tends to heat up at the top of the device and reaches an uncomfortable temperature of 44.8 degrees.

Screenshot 2014-12-26 23.43.52

In this picture we can see the same test run on each device, but the temperature is being measured at the back cover side of the device.

Again, the winner here is the Honor 6 Plus, which heats up at a reasonable 37.9 temperature. We believe it is a comfortable level of heat to handle in our hands.

The second device in this test is the MX4 Pro, which reaches 40.3 degrees.

The worst is, again, the Mi4, which heat up at what it becomes clear the weak point of the device, the top part. It reaches the temperature of 46.6 degrees, which will definitely make your hands sweat.

Screenshot 2014-12-26 23.58.50

The third test shows the heat produced at the touch screen area after video recording for half an hour.

The best result is shown by the Honor 6 Plus, which reached the maximum of 38.4 degrees at the bottom of the device.

The second came up the Mi4, but the temperature is significantly higher at 44.5 degrees.

The worst result was shown by the MX4 Pro by Meizu with the temperature level of 46.8 degrees. We believe that this level of heat may get quite uncomfortable to hold the device for a longer period like 30 mins.

Screenshot 2014-12-27 00.09.13

The last test is practically the same as the third one, but this time the heat was measured at the back of the device, where we usually hold the smartphone.

Again, the best result was shown by the Huawei Honor 6 Plus, which reaches a very reasonable temperature of 36.7 degrees.

The second is the MX4 Pro, but the temperature is almost 10 degrees higher at 45.3 degrees.

The worst is the Xiaomi Mi4 as it heats up at the very uncomfortable 47.8 degrees.

All in all, the tests have shown that the Huawei’s newest flagship device does not produce that much heat as its competitors, which is a great achievement for the company. The second place should be given to the Meizu MX4 Pro. However, this device along with the Xiaomi Mi4, which comes at the worst third place, produces significantly higher amounts of heat. It may become uncomfortable to hold the device after extensive periods of usage. Those, who really do a lot of intensive tasks like gaming or video recording should take this into consideration.