Gold Edition of Lumia 930 is Coming

by Linus 0

A Finnish company named Nokia does not have the best times in their franchise since it was purchased by the American giant Microsoft. Still, the Lumia brand and the iconic Nokia design exists and we do not see any radical changes in the look of the devices in the near future.

Anyway, Microsoft is proud to carry the Lumia name of the devices and it seems that they are planning to start selling something interesting in Microsoft’s Tmall Shop in China on January 8. What it more, the key device of the launch is expected to be  a gold variant of the Lumia 930, which will be known as the “Lumia Golden Ultimate Collector’s Edition” smartphone.


We are not sure about the quality of the move by Microsoft, but we have to admit that there is a separate niche for these kind of smartphones. If you do not feel that gold phones are for you, you have to wait for the CES 2015, which starts in 4 days. We are not sure what Microsoft has in its pipeline, but some refreshment in the Lumia’s lineup is expected to be unveiled.

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