Xiaomi Mi Note Steel Ball Impact Test And Drop Test

by Linus 0

It seems that the Xiaomi has put a lot of effort to make a great device with its just announced Xiaomi MI Note not only on the inside, but on the outside as well. As we already know that the device will be powered by the beast of the chip – Snapdragon 810 (other specs are just being officially unveiled at the moment), we have something interesting to share with you, which involves a presentation about the Xiaomi’s new flagship phablet being abused in several ways.

The test, which was made by the company is called a steel ball impact test and a drop test, where the company tests how sturdy their new device is.

During the first test, the steel ball weight was chosen to be at 131 grams and it was dropped from the height of 30 cm right on the plastic back of the device. Of course, nothing happened to the device (who would show their own device fail on video?).

During the second test, the MI Note device was dropped face down from the height of 150 cm. It dropped right on the hard concrete floor and it seemed that it was too easy for the device as nothing happened to the screen.

Having said all this, we should say that most of the companies do all kinds of drop tests, which may be similar to these seen in the video above. Still, we are happy to see that Xiaomi is proud of making another sturdy device, which  can survive a few drops in different situations.

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