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Xiaomi Note will be bigger than the iPhone6 plus and priced at around 4000 RMB (645.43 USD)

by Frank Tu 8

Xiaomi Note

It is going to be a serious month for Xiaomi as they are preparing to release new cell phones to compete with other companies. Recently, some photos were posted online. These photos are said to have been taken using the upcoming Xiaomi Mi5.

This afternoon, a staff member of Xiaomi revealed in his Weibo account that Xiaomi’s new flagship phone would be “almost twice as expensive as the Xiaomi Mi4”. In other words, it should cost somewhere around 4000 RMB. Nevertheless, he said that users will definitely flock stores to get their hands on it. This flagship phone is none other than Xiaomi’s upcoming Xiaomi Note (not to be confused with the Xiaomi Red Mi Note).

It has already been confirmed today that Xiaomi named its new phone the “Xiaomi Note.” Now, the question is, how big is its display screen? iSuppli Corp.’s Chinese Studies Director, Kevin Wang, has just posted in his official Weibo account the following message: “The phone’s original name is the Xiaomi Note, but is also called the Midada. It is also bigger than the 6 Plus!” In other words, the Xiaomi Note’s display screen must be more than 5.5 inches. It should be somewhere between 5.5 inches and 6 inches. It is most likely going to be 5.7 inches.

It is important to note, however, that because the iPhone 6 Plus’ screen-to-body ratio is pretty bad, its actual size should surpass other phones with similar display screen sizes. As a result, do not expect the Xiaomi Note’s actual size to surpass it.

As for the specifications, the Xiaomi Note is expected to use a 1080p display screen and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. It is also said to have 3GB RAM and a 13mp camera. It is also expected to receive a higher benchmark score than the Xiaomi Mi4.

Source: MyDrivers

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  • The Calm Critic

    Snapdragon 801 w/ a $650 price tag? And I’d be dumb enough to pay this much over a top specced Asus Zenfone 2 w/ Intel Z3580 + 4GB RAM rumored to be no more than $349 – 399 why again?

    • Guaire

      These are just wild rumors.

      Or they are fooling people. When they are announced real price let’s say 2499 yuan for base model people will think oh it’s so cheap, actually it will be more expensive than both Mi3 and Mi4’s launch prices.

  • Qidamin

    The price of the Mi4 should decrease so the price for the note should be less than 4000 yuans.

  • David Košič

    That price for those specs seems a little weird especially considering the way Xiaomi does its bussines. Phones with the 810 chipset are already comming out so I don’t think you could charge that much for a phone runing on a 801.

  • desponent

    lol, do their new celebratory title get to their head? Nothing is forever, just look at apple. I’d like to see how long Xiaomi will last if this is true.

  • kazuhikoaikawa

    I think you guys should take a look at this ( The product that xiaomi going to release
    price at 645.43 USD should be the one that has snapdragon 810 instead of snapdragon 801.

  • moo

    Wot a joke

  • amirexpressir

    I don’t think it will be snapdragon801..a little old and not really mind blowing for that price range
    lets wait and see the real specs