Huawei’s Executive Trolls Meizu and Xiaomi for Using 2K Screens

by Linus 37

In this day and age, manufacturers seek to implement as much technology as possible into their devices. It has become a race of specs, which include chips and its clock speeds, architecture, Ram memory, software implementation etc. However, it is still quite difficult to perfect one department, which is a battery.

That being said, manufacturers work on higher resolution screens whereas 2k resolution has become a thing of a true flagship. Also, it means that the device is truly future proof. Well, it is a never ending discussion whether we really need the 2k screens or 1080p resolution is enough since the human eye finds it very difficult to distinguish what is over 300 ppi (this is the “Retina” threshold set by Apple).

Screenshot 2015-01-22 12.54.09

It seems that one of the Huawei’s executives Yu Chengdong has a similar opinion. He says that he sees other companies producing the smartphones with the 2k screens. However, he asserts that it is almost impossible for a human eye to distinguish a difference. What it more, he thinks that this is too big of a trade-off for a battery life.

In addition to this, Yu Chengdong also stressed that the Huawei made some tests recently with the Meizu MX4 Pro and the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro (yes, you have to do that once you operate in the tough market as China). The tests that came out were very negative to the battery life (the type of tests are not disclosed). In particular, the Huawei’s executive stresses out the unreasonable specs of the Xiaomi’s Mi Note Pro. He thinks that having only 3000mAh battery, which needs to power a 5.7 inches screen, which has 2k resolution is not enough at all.

To sum up, we are seeing the company’s future strategy for the future. The Huawei will probably not try to implement 2k screen in any of their flagship devices in the near future, but they better focus on more power efficient devices.

What is more, we have a comparison video, where we can see a speed test between the iPhone 5s and the Meizu MX4 Pro. Here in the video we can see the Meizu’s flagship lagging from time to time, which definitely could be due to the 2k screen, which is too hard to handle for the chip inside the device:

What do you think, what is more important – battery life or extremely high resolution screen? Let us know in the social poll or in the comment section below.

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