New Slimmest Smartphone – Gionee ELIFE S7 4.6mm Live Photos!

by Linus 2

It seems that manufacturers have been fighting for the slimmest device in the world planet for some time. The fight does not seem to come to an end as we have some fresh news that there might be a new thinness king in the industry!

It seems that the Chinese manufacturer Gionee is ready to take the slimmest device on the planet crown as we have some actual photos of the device – Elife S7, which only has 4.6mm thinness taking the crown from the Vivo X5Max, which has the thinness of 4.75mm. Also, the Gionee is breaking its own thinness record, which was set by Elife S5.1, which measures at 5.1mm. However, 5mm does not sound impressive achievement for these companies anymore.

The device is expected to be released in the upcoming MWC 2015 in Barcelona. What is more, the leaks suggest that the device will have 2 GB of Ram and amazingly huge for its thinness 2800mAh battery capacity! That means that we may have not only thin, but also great battery life device. Last but not least, the device is said to have Amigo 3.0 skin on top of Android 5.0 system.

Are you excited about new king of thinness (or thickness?) ? Let us know in the comments below.