ZTE Blade S6 vs THL2015: A truly comprehensive comparison

by Joel 1

zte blade s6 vs thl2015

Today, we take a look at the two hot smartphones that’s currently available in the market (THL2015 is available for pre-order). Both the phones have very good specifications and are priced around the same price band. So, we decided to compare both the devices, picking out the pros and cons of each device to help you choose which one is best suited for you.

While we don’t have the device in our hands, we can take a look at the specifications as well as the features of the device to decide which one comes out as the winner.

For convenience and simplicity, we will be comparing ZTE Blade S6 vs THL2015 in a number of different categories. These include processor, RAM, display, camera, connectivity, special functions and so on.

So, lets not waste any more of your time and move on with the ZTE Blade S6 vs THL2015 comparison.


We usually start off with the design in most of our reviews and comparisons. So, lets do the same in this article.

If we had to choose a device just on the basis of its design, then there’s no doubt that the ZTE Blade S6 will be the clear winner in this category. The device takes its design inspiration from the Apple iPhone 6 which is regarded as one of the best looking smartphones that’s available in the market right now. So, its no surprise that the Blade S6 looks way better than the THL2015.

The ZTE device comes with a unibody design with a home button which looks similar to the one on the iPhone 6. Moreover, the button doubles as a notification light, which adds to the beauty of the device. The sides are round as are the corners giving it a smooth finish. There are two other keys located besides the home button, namely the back and menu keys. At the back, there is the ZTE logo, which is almost at the same place where you would find the Apple logo on the iPhone models.

The volume keys as well as the power button are located to the right of the device. On the left side, you have the MicroSD and SIM card slots. The Dual SIM Dual Standby slot supports one Micro and one Nano SIM. While the overall texture of the phone is made to look like a metal finish, don’t be fooled, since everything is pure plastic.

As for the THL2015, the design is a bit more traditional. So, you have the rectangular block look that is found on most smartphones today. The back is made out of glossy plastic, which may attract some fingerprints. The frame is metal and so is the buttons on the device. Both the volume keys and the power button are located on the right side, just like the Blade S6. However, since the design is not unibody, the MicroSD slot and the Dual SIM card slots (1 standard SIM + 1 Micro SIM) are both located besides the removable battery.

Overall, the device looks well built and well designed. So, if you are looking for something different, you can go for the THL2015. However, if you like Apple’s design and want something that looks like it, then you can opt for the ZTE Blade S6. Its totally a personal choice. But in my opinion, the ZTE Blade S6 does feature better looks.



Although priced around the same figure, both the models feature processors from two different chipset makers. The ZTE Blade S6 comes with the new Snapdragon 615 64-bit octa-core processor clocked at 1.5Ghz.

On the other hand, the THL2015 features an octa-core 64- bit MT6572L processor clocked at 1.7GHz.

Both the models feature one of the best recent releases from their respective chipmakers and hence, the performance should be amazing. If you are looking to pick out a winner in this category, you can’t really do that, because we expect both the processors to deliver stellar performance.



The memory configurations are exactly the same on both the devices. So, you get 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage on these devices. Although the storage is further expandable in the phones, the THL2015 takes only up to 32GB MicroSD while the Blade S6 takes cards up to 64GB in size. However, this shouldn’t make a big difference in your purchase decision. So, we are once again giving it a tie!



Fortunately, in this category, we can pick out a clear winner. Both the models feature the same 5-inch capacitive multi-touch displays, however the resolutions are different. The THL2015 sports an impressive resolution of 1920 x 1080p, while the Blade S6 comes with just 720p resolution.

This definitely gives THL2015 an edge over the ZTE model. So, here the winner will be THL2015.

However, from our personal experience, 720p display on 5-inch phones looks quite good and even though THL2015 has a better pixel density figure, the Blade S6’s screen should be clear and bright enough for your daily usage.



Once again both the models feature similar camera specs. The ZTE Blade S6 comes with a 13MP  Sony IMX214 with LED flash + AF + Multi-shot support. Even the THL2015 features a 13MP (unknown make). So rear camera performance shouldn’t differ much.

As for the front camera, the THL2015 comes with a larger resolution 8MP shooter while the Blade S6 just has a 5MP camera. But expect similar performance from both the camera units, since megapixels alone don’t tell the whole story.

So, we can’t really choose one as a clear winner in this category.



Connectivity is a place where you will have to make a choice. While both the models feature standard stuff like Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi and GPS, the network support is a bit different. The ZTE Blade S6 supports both TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE networks which gives an edge over the THL2015 which only supports FDD-LTE networks. However, it all depends on where you want to use the device. So, if your country or carrier uses FDD-LTE, which will be the case in majority of countries, you will be happy with both the devices. However, if your carrier utilizes TDD-LTE only, then you will have to compulsorily purchase a TDD-LTE supported version. Thankfully, only a few countries support this technology.

With the additional support, we have to pick ZTE Blade S6 as the winner in this category.



You get the same Gravity, distance and light sensors on these devices. As mentioned above, they support dual SIM dual standby as well as OTG connections.

However, the THL2015 has something extra. The device comes with a fingerprint sensor at the back, which makes it a very powerful package. While we have seen the sensor on cheaper phones like the Elephone P3000S, it is still a great feature on a device that retails for less than $230!

ZTE model does have a special feature called AliveShare which helps users transfer content between phones without internet connection or even Wi-Fi.

But, we would have to pick THL2015 as the winner in this category because of this premium sensor.



Battery is again an area where the lower priced THL2015 triumphs over ZTE device. The THL model comes with a 2700 mAh battery which is bigger than the 2400 mAh battery found on the Blade S6. Some even say that the THL battery will be of 3000 mAh but for the moment, lets be conservative and assume that its 2700.

As you can see, the battery on THL is bigger than that of ZTE device. However, we will have to consider other factors like a 1080p display on THL2015 instead of a 720p one on ZTE flagship. The larger resolution screen will take in more power than the 720p one and hence, if the battery capacity difference is this small, expect the battery life on both the devices to be more or less the same.



Here ZTE Blade S6 takes the lead since it comes with the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop OS with the company’s own MIFavor 3.0 UI which is highly customizable. On the other hand, the THL2015 comes with the older Android 4.4 KitKat OS out of the box.

This makes the ZTE Blade S6 the winner in this category. But remember, you can anytime root the device to install your favorite OS, that is, if you know how to follow instructions perfectly (since there are many guides online to root and flash a new ROM).



We decided to compare both the devices because it was priced similarly with very similar spec sheet.

The ZTE Blade S6 is available for purchase at the cheapest rate of $240. On the other hand, the THL2015 is now available for pre-order for just $239.99, which is exactly the same as the ZTE device.

So, all boils down to your preference. We feel both the devices are too similar to pick out a winner. The only few differences they have are not really drawbacks but rather a matter of choice.

If we had to choose one, we would probably go with the ZTE Blade S6, mainly because the company is quite big and well known. Otherwise, only comparing the specs and the pricing, both the devices stand equal!


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Anyways, which one of these would you pick? And Why?