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Meizu M1 and M1 Note getting Lollipop in June, even MX3 and MX2 will get the update!

by Joe 12

We know everyone is excitedly waiting for lollipop update on their Android smartphones, and today, we have some information about the Meizu’s release schedules for existing devices.

meizu android lollipop

The company has decided to roll out Android 5.0 to the earlier devices first. So, Meizu MX4 Pro’s Android 5.0 update based on Flyme 4.5 has already entered beta testing. The final version will be available to download by the end of April around 28th.

Even Android 5.0 for Meizu MX4 has a similar testing and launch schedule. So, the ROM has already entered beta and will be available to download from April 28.

Interestingly, the recently announced Meizu M1 and M1 Note devices will receive Android 5.0 with Flyme 4.5 update only by the end of June. The ROM will enter beta testing at the start of the month.

meizu android lollipop update

Finally, its good to see that Meizu has not forgotten its old devices. Both Meizu MX3 and MX2 are confirmed to receive Android 5.0 update. Their ROMs will enter beta by the end of April, so you can expect the latest Android version on these devices by the end of May.

Its really refreshing to see that Meizu has not abandoned its old devices. These phones are more than 2-3 years old, and most manufacturers would have simply terminated updates for them. But Meizu has decided to gift its loyal users with Android 5.0, which we feel is a great move by the company.

So, what do you think about the Android 5.0 release schedule for Meizu devices? Is it a bit late? Or are you okay with a June Android 5.0 release for Blue Charm devices?



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  • stan

    I have Xiaomi Mi 4 and I bought Meizu M1 note for my girlfriend. If Meizu rollout lollipop before Xiaomi, I wan’t buy another xiaomi anymore ,,,

    • Joe

      Mi4 will probably get lollipop way before that. In fact, beta testing started back in January. But still I agree, Xiaomi has to speed up Android 5.0 update, its already April!

    • Cheeze Keyk

      please do note that xiaomi is horrible when it comes to OS updates. look at their flagship devices it still runs kitkat when all of the other OEM’s are now on lollipop.

  • memex

    too late for m1 and m1 note. elephone g2 which is under 100usd got 64-bit lollipop.

    • kkpop

      How can you even say Elephone g2 and Meizu M1 in one sentence? Those phones are in completely different categories, and Meizu beats it in every single aspect.

      • memex

        Simply, G2 has lollipop. So beats Meizu. I am not interested in hardware or customization of Android. So, G2 better than M1 series. I am happy with latest Android version. It is my choice.

  • Tim Jones

    FlyMe is not good at “language support” and “international firmware updates”. I think as a ordinary Chinese company, Meizu does not care about whole world out of China and has bad point of wiev.
    China cares about specs (high volumes of RAM, latest SoCs etc.). Perception is hardware is more important than software. Hardware is important for running software. So, hardware’s aim is running software. Ofcourse specs are important for international users too but software more important than specs.Most of MT67XX SoCs run 32-bit Android Kitkat. Updates are so late and poor. Another bad thing is world modem support. As a result, I am sory but I am not in, thanks.

  • Jay

    WTF?! What’s taking them so long to update their latest devices? Why do they have to update the old models than the new once? What a stupid decision making! Oh, I forgot, Meizu is a Chinese owned company. No wonder!

    • Jay

      WTF?! What’s taking them so long to update their latest devices? Why do they have to update the old models first than the new ones? What a stupid decision making! Oh, I forgot, Meizu is a Chinese owned company. No wonder!

  • rahmanhatim93

    hahaha…false hope,same like xiaomi..go fck

  • XXX

    WHERE’S THE UPDATE??????????????/

  • George Jizmundo

    No updates yet? It should be OTA right?