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Times Have Changed Apple, Letv is Coming!

by Linus 2

We have already heard all the buzz about something spectacular coming from the newcomer to the smartphone’s industry – Letv. One of reasons that keeps us waiting for the April 14th, when company’s event will be held, is that they may announce the mysterious bezel less “super phone”.

It seems that the company is not shy at all to strike directly at Apple as some posts by Chairman and CEO Jia Yueting suggest.

letv teaser from chairman post

letv teaser from chairman

This teaser seems to be a poster of the conference, where company tries to prove that their time has come to replace Apple. The post on Weibo sounds like “the times are changing, the role has changed, the same spirit! From 1984 to 2015 the Letv invites you to break boundaries”. The poster also confirms the launch date, which will be April 14, 14.00.

According to some previous reports, the Letv may even launch two “super phones”, one being a high-end, another being a lower-end version.

The year of 1984, which is mentioned in the poster is the year when Apple introduced the Macintosh, which managed to change the computer industry. As the poster further suggests, Letv is ready to change the smartphone (or maybe even some other?) industry in 2015. Pretty brave move we would say. Well, we just have to wait and see for will happen on April 14th if the products that will be released are worth all the buzz.


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  • Shanos

    If the leaked renders are to be believed then this could be a really sexy looking handset, it would certainly give any owner something to brag about to apple owners.

    My wife has the iphone 6 and considering it only has a 4.7″ screen is huge! with the iphone 6+ being gigantic, the letv phones if they can keep the bezels as small as they are on the renders and not have huge chins and top sections could offer much larger screens in a smaller chassis.

    Processor wise I hope they will release the phone with Mediatek 6752 soc or possibly the 6795 to keep costs low and performance high or the Samsung’s Exynos 7420 and not the snapdragon 810 with its over heating issues (unless throttled back).

    But most importantly for me and others that are not residents of China would be support for dual mode LTE or at the least a WCDMA variant.

    Price wise I hope they keep it competitive and don’t try to launch at to high a price point as it would be awful to see a possibly great phone stall at the first hurdle.

    Regards Shanos

  • Linus

    Indeed, the renders suggest that the upcoming device is great. The bezel less design and metal body makes it brilliant. Of course, if the renders are true.