Hands On With The Zeaplus M7 Flagship

by Joel 13

If you have been following our website, you would have come across a number of posts about the upcoming Zeaplus M7 flagship smartphone. The device came with impressive specs and a simple yet beautiful design which makes it an attractive offering. The company has priced the device at just $199, but during the flash sale, which is on June 18, you can purchase the device for just $149! You can check out more details about the sale from our previous article. 


We were lucky enough to get our hands on this flagship device. So, here’s our initial impression of this MT6752 powered smartphone.


From the design point of view, the Zeaplus M7 is worthy of its flagship title. The device is well built and you won’t find any loose parts, unlike other cheap chinese handsets. The phone feels solid and even the buttons are tactile and responsive.


On top of the phone lies the USB as well as the headphone jack.The power button is on the right and the volume control keys on the left. There’s nothing at the bottom. Coming to the back, its made of plastic but its not that slippery and provides good grip. There’s a camera unit on top of the rear cover and below it you will find the fingerprint sensor. At the bottom of the cover, there’s the Zeaplus logo.

We had the time to try out a few features, and naturally, we started off with the fingerprint sensor at the back. You can save up to five different fingerprints for unlocking the device. Saving can take around 10-15  seconds, but unlocking the device is pretty fast. The accuracy of the sensor was also good.

The Zeaplus M7 comes with Android 5.0 Lollipop version right out of the box. The phone had Google apps preinstalled and the UI was stock Android, which we always prefer.

As for the camera, our initial impression was quite good. The photos came out clear and bright. Even when zoomed it, the photo maintained a great level of detail, which is quite good for an affordable flagship. We couldn’t test out the night camera performance, but we will cover that in our review soon.

We also had the time to try out a few covers for the device. You can get a flip leather cover for the smartphone which looks pretty good. It looks similar to the LG G3 Circle cover and when its closed, the clock app will light up in the opening up front.



You can also get a regular skin case for the device, made from soft TPU material.


Overall, it looks like Zeaplus has delivered on its promise with the new Zeaplus M7 flagship. It looks solid, performs very well (gaming was smooth and lag free) and the fingerprint sensor is definitely an added advantage.

You can bag this beast at just $149 on the flash sale day, i.e. June 18, which makes it a killer deal at this price. Also, check out the Zeaplus website for more details.