Here’s The First Camera Samples From Lenovo’s Sub-brand ZUK Z1 Smartphone

by Joel 1

Earlier this month, we reported that Lenovo had a new smartphone sub-brand called as ZUK which will primarily focus on developing software for its users. The company had said that it aims to release a new smartphone, the ZUK Z1 later this year, sometime around September. While at that time, it didn’t reveal any key specs of the device, recently, Lenovo’s Senior Vice President Chen Xudong released a few camera samples of the upcoming ZUK smartphone via his Weibo account.

You can check out all the samples from down below. The images look quite good, like the one at the time of sunset. Despite the low light surroundings, the phone managed to take quite focused and clear shots.

The other pictures are even better with natural colors and high level of detail. The image of the flower too came out quite well as we can see a lot of details in the colors too.

Unfortunately, the company has not yet revealed how powerful the sensor is on the camera. But after seeing these images, it looks like the camera on ZUK Z1 will be quite good.

Check out the samples from down below.