Nokia To Make A Comeback With Meizu??

by Joel 4

Yesterday, Nokia made the headlines after it said that the Finnish company was looking for a world class partner to re-enter the smartphone industry. Nokia had added that it believed a licensing deal was the ideal way to get back in this competitive industry. Now, it looks like we have a clue as to which company could be working with Nokia for the comeback.

meizu welcomes nokia

Earlier today, Meizu’s official Weibo account welcomed back Nokia. While this was suspicious enough, the account posted another teaser which probably hints at some kind of partnership with the company.

Meizu Nokia

The teaser highlights the date, 7.16 which is tomorrow with the words the long era of intelligent machines 1110 (Nokia 1110?) written just below the image. This could hint at some kind of co-operation between the two companies.

Even if the company is partnering up with Meizu, it cannot develop and market its own smartphones until the end of 2016. The company can only start manufacturing phones under its name from next year.

But Nokia is known to make solid phones, much like the 1110 feature phone. It was one of the best selling phones in the market till date, selling about 250 million units worldwide. So, according to the teaser, it looks like Meizu and Nokia partnership aims to create such a best selling product.

This is not the first time we are hearing about a possible Meizu Nokia partnership. However, at that time, the company executive, Li Nan had said that it was all rumors. But given that the official weibo page is hinting at a possible co-operation, we could expect something like the MX5 Supreme Edition for international customers arising from such a partnership.

Well, we don’t have to wait too long to know what the company has in store for us. So, stay tuned to the website in the coming 24 hours as we will keep you guys updated with the details..