Ausdom M04 / M04S bluetooth headphones review

by Frank Tu 0


The Ausdom M04 Bluetooth headphones have inbuilt microphone to make it possible to receive Bluetooth calls. It can be used within a range of 10M /25 feet and is compatible with NFC technology. The device can also be connected to a non-Bluetooth device through the 1.2m long cable and is shipped together with a USB charging cable. Like many other modern headphones, no carry case is provided to customers, but that offers them a chance to choose a suitable case out of the endless options available in the market.

On the overall, the low cost wireless headphones provide a satisfactory sound quality, but do not afford a flashy look. The excellent receive/reject/redial call functionality makes it much more worth at $55.


The frame is made from a combination of plastic and synthetic leather material. The ear cups are matte black and the outer edges have turtle shell details. The vertical adjustment mechanism on both sides of the arm makes it possible to stretch (lengthen or shorten the size of) the arm as desired. Ausdom places the control buttons at the bottom of each ear cup, with the right side featuring the play/pause and track selection buttons while the power/pairing and volume buttons are placed on the left. The micro-USB charging port is on the right side ear cup next to the control buttons, while the microphone is inbuilt in the left side ear cup.

Differentiating the control buttons on the MO4 wireless stereo headphones comes in hardy since it makes them practical to use. It is a little bit harder to unplug the music source device because the power button is not raised like other buttons. Again, already the whole set of buttons is grouped into two, so you don’t have to reach the buttons on the left side ear cup to adjust the volume. However, you might need some time to master this arrangement. The manufacturer also packs in a user manual written in a variety of languages: English, German, Spanish and French languages, which buyers can quickly use to learn how to operate the device. 


The soft cushioning on both ear cups and the headband makes the device very comfortable to use. In fact, they are so soft that you can expect no discomfort after using the headphones all day long. The headset is also rotatable. The device is 210 grams only; not so much weight on your head.

Isolation of outside noise sources from the device’s sound output is a plus in regard to comfort of use in crowded places. This is because the ear pads afford a good seal over the ears – and although the lack of ventilation means that some heat is trapped in so you feel a little warmth after a long duration of usage, still the overall comfort is not affected. Again, if you live in cold climate regions, that won’t be a problem at all.

M04 also works with a variety of mobile devices including iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Sound quality

The manufacturer labels the device as capable of providing a “Deep Bass and High Sensitivity” and yes it does, given the price range of $55. The device can be used to play HD sound on Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, Macs and Laptops in addition to affording a CD Quality talking.

It is a great choice considering that many wireless Bluetooth headphones cost much higher than that, although they can provide better sound quality than M04. The audio is clear even at the highest volume level, and the device works well for those who need a loud volume. Besides, you can connect the device with non-Bluetooth hardware through a 3.5mm audio jack which is standard for many today.    


Next to the Bluetooth symbol on your phone screen is a battery status symbol for the Ausdom M04, so you can track the amount of charge left before the device switches off. This is because the latest M04S model uses Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity technology. The manufacturer claims the device’s battery can run for 18 hours of music playback and talking. In addition, the battery takes only 2 hours to charge using the adapter – with the USB port, this comes up to 3 hours.   

Receiving calls

Not only does it allow receiving or rejecting hands free call, but also does it provide a loud volume level for better communication. It also has a double tap redial function, meaning you can quickly redial the last numbers on your phone without taking the phone out of the pocket. In this regard, it is much better than other low cost wireless headphones.    


Good audio quality (with noise canceling effects), excellent comfort of use, and a call functionality make the device to stand out as a low cost Bluetooth headphone at only $40. Besides, it can be used for listening music on non-Bluetooth devices. It is not a fancy item though.