ZUK Z1 used less than 50% Battery Capacity After 9-Hours of Heavy Usage

by shanos 3


I have received a report via their Chinese micro-blog Weibo (like Twitter) that the ZUK team carried out an extensive battery test on their upcoming ZUK Z1 smartphone last week.

From the report what is really  impressive is that the result showed the ZUK Z1  drained ONLY 47% of the battery in a 9.25 hour test.

for the test the phone was used on 4G LTE networks with WiFi also on,  as well as constantly using all kinds of apps like WeChat ( like WhatsApp) and QQ etc.

From what we already know now the phone will come with a 4000+mAh battery and ZUK are promising  software optimisation to further reduce power consumption, all of which is good news for heavy users.

Lets hope that these figures are reflected when the phone arrives to the market, if they are it holds a lot of promise.

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Regards Shanos