Group Deals – Get Up To $70 OFF On the OnePlus 2 (NO INVITE NEEDED)

by Joel 15

Even after nearly one month since the OnePlus 2 made it to the market, its very hard to get hold of an invite to buy the flagship. There’s still a huge waiting list for the invite alone, making it extremely hard to get hold of the device even in the coming few months. Agreed, the phone is available via third party retailers, however, that’s still costly as compared to the official price.

oneplus 2 in stock

But our partner, Giztop has come up with a great solution. The idea here is simple. You’ll get a discount equal to the no. of customers who purchase the OnePlus 2. So, as you figured it out, the more the no. of buyers, the more discount each customer gets. The maximum amount of discount is $70, which will naturally require at least 70 buyers.

If we manage to get up to 70 buyers for the OnePlus 2 flagship in the next few days, we will release a special $70 OFF Coupon for buying the device. We know that storage is important for our buyers, hence, we decided to offer the 64GB variant for just $429 with free shipping worldwide. Yes, that’s the cheapest price at which you can purchase the device at the moment. You don’t have to wait for an invite or get in line to buy this flagship. So, please inform your friends, family and colleagues about this offer. The more buyers who avail this offer, the more discount you get.

Here is the our full review video of Oneplus 2:

Of course there are limited stocks available right now. So, if you are really interested in buying this device, please post a comment down below saying that you are interested. You should also fill out the contact form [given down below], so that we can send you the coupon once we reach the required amount of buyers to activate the deal.

For this to work and everyone to benefit, we will count just one comment per customer. If you are going to purchase more than one unit, you can mention that in the form. Only those who have filled out the form will get the exclusive coupon.


In order to avail up to $70 OFF the OnePlus 2.

1. Comment below saying that you are interested.

2. Fill out the form from the link given below.


Once you get the coupon, just head over to Giztop and use the coupon to avail the discount.

If this one turns out to be successful, we will try to bring more products in the coming weeks with such big discounts.

More details about the Oneplus 2, please visit it on Giztop: Oneplus 2

Update: There is 117 buyer requests, and we have sent the coupon code via email. Coupon Code:  GIZM70D, The COUPON IS VALID ONLY FOR THE NEXT 48 HOURS. So, remember to avail this discount coupon as soon as possible.