Meizu X-Light Plus Smart LED Light Bulb Review

by Linus 0

We wanted to say thank you to for sending the Meizu X-Light Plus smart LED light bulb for a review!

Meizu X-Light Plus Smart LED Bulb Review: VIDEO

Meizu X-Light Plus Smart LED Bulb Review: UNBOXING

This LED bulb is called X-Light Plus and it is made by Meizu. It costs just over $20 and you can get it from Gearbest. I will leave a link in the description below this video.
The bulb comes in a neat packaging ant the contents include the bulb itself and the instruction manual.

Meizu X-Light Plus Smart LED Bulb Review: DESIGN

The X-Light Plus is very-well made and it spots metal and glass in its design.

Meizu X-Light Plus Smart LED Bulb Review: SETUP AND FEATURES

The very first thing you have to do to control this bulb via the Bluetooth is to download the X-light app either from the Google Play if you are using Android or the App Store if you are Apple user.
Once you’ve done that you have to turn on the Bluetooth on your device, go to the app and select the X-Light Plus bulb to connect. Keep in mind that the app will greet you in Chinese but once you click the back button, the whole UI of the app is in English.

Meizu X-Light Plus Smart LED Bulb Review: The App

The app is full of features. Some of them are useful but others may look a bit weird. For example, you can change the colour of the bulb by simply touching the bubbles.
Also, you can manually adjust the colour of the LED light. However, I found it to be the least responsive out of a huge variety of features.
In addition, you can adjust the warmth and the brightness of the Bulb.
However, these are just some boring features and the fun starts with some really weird stuff. For instance, you can change the colours of the LED by shooting stuff to the monkeys butt.
Also, the LED is supposed to do something if you roar. Well, I tried to do it but the LED just turned white.
If you go the the scene mode, you can actually select some pretty cool modes like different types of rainbows, which basically slowly change the colours of the LED automatically. Also, you can select from a variety of heart beat modes, choose alarm, flash or other modes and the LED bulb will light accordingly to these modes unless you stop it.
A really neat feature is that you can set a schedule for the Meizu X-Light Plus when it has to turn on or off, or you can use it as an alarm light.
Some other cool features include the ability to shake your phone to change the colour of the bulb. Also, the you can play the music via the app’s music player and the bulb will start blinking according to the rhythm of the music. Well, it’s not super accurate but it works. Keep in mind that the bulb doesn’t have the Bluetooth speaker.

Meizu X-Light Plus Smart LED Bulb Review: CONCLUSIONS

The Meizu X-Light Plus is a very affordable smart LED bulb solution. It is well made and the application has a lot of features. Some of them are definitely useful but there are a lot of features, which are just weird and doesn’t really make sense. Also, there is quite a lot of Chinglish in the app but everything is understandable.
The majority of features work well with this bulb but some of them are not that responsive as they should be. For example I’ve noticed a slight delay when I wanted to change colour of LED bulb manually. Also, the X-Light could have a little bit better Bluetooth range as I couldn’t control it from the other room, because I lost the connectivity.
Other than that, the Meizu X-Light Plus is a good offering as it has tons of controls and features, and it retails for the price of just $20.