Divoom Aurabulb Smart Bluetooth Music Lamp Speaker Review

by Linus 1

Divoom Aurabulb Smart Bluetooth Music Lamp Speaker: VIDEO

Divoom Aurabulb Smart Bluetooth Music Lamp Speaker: UNBOXING

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This is actually the second product made by Divoom I am checking out and I can say that they ship their items in a premium packaging, and the Aurabulb is no exception.
All you are getting is the micro USB cable, AUX cable and some documentation.

Divoom Aurabulb Smart Bluetooth Music Lamp Speaker: DESIGN AND FEATURES

Allright, so the Aurabulb is not your regular Bluetooth speaker as it has a lot more to offer. It comes in a shape of a huge light bulb, which is made of rubber and the bottom part is made of quality metal mesh material.
It has the rubberised control buttons, which include the power key, volume up/down, which also allow to skip tracks, play/pause button an the light key.
On the back side we have a micro USB charging port and the AUX input for non-Bluetooth devices.
The bottom is made of rubber, so the speaker doesn’t slide on the table.
IMG_3386 IMG_3388
If you don’t like the light bulb idea, you can easily take the rubber bulb part off and the speaker looks kind of nice without it. There is a light under the plastic and on the top there is a dedicated subwoofer.

Divoom Aurabulb Smart Bluetooth Music Lamp Speaker: FUNCTIONALITY

The Divoom Aurabulb is a really cool speaker as it has a full range RGB LED and you can adjust the colours, brightness of it and choose from a variety of different colour modes. Also, you can do it in a couple of ways. You may choose from the preset ones by pressing a light button on the speaker or you can download a free app either for Android or iOS to take a full manual control and get a lot more features.
The interface of the app is easy to use and here you can choose from tons of different colours and adjust the brightness or simply turn off the light. Also, you can select different modes of the light like flashing, pulse or rainbow effects. In each mode you man manually select colours and I think it is pretty cool.
Also, you can simply shake your device to change colours and that another fun part of this speaker.
In addition, the app has a music player but if you don’t like it, you can simply use your phone’s player.
There is also a sleep timer and the alarm clock and you can choose from different pre-loaded scenes to help you fall asleep or wake up in the morning.

Divoom Aurabulb Smart Bluetooth Music Lamp Speaker: SOUND QUALITY

I have to say that I am really impressed with the sound quality this tiny speaker can produce. For the size of the speaker, the sound has a good amount of depth, the mids and highs sound pretty good. Also, the bass is really powerful and the speaker is even having a hard time sitting on the table at the highest volume setting.
Speaking of which, I was impressed that the speaker didn’t make any crackling noises when playing music at the maximum volume. And yeah, the speaker is very loud.
Overall, I am really happy with the sound quality and the volume output the Aurabulb can produce.

Divoom Aurabulb Smart Bluetooth Music Lamp Speaker: CONCLUSIONS

Overall, the Divoom Aurabulb is a great product considering the feature set you are getting, a great build quality, awesome sound and volume output.
Also, this is not another Bluetooth speaker with some basic functionality as you can use the Aurabulb in a lot of different ways.
I could get about 5 hours of music playback, which is not really impressive but not the worst either considering the size of this gadget. A good thing is that the Bluetooth range has no issues at all.
However, the handsfree feature is not the best out there. Well, you can still make a conversation but the voice could sound more clearly.
Also, the price of $50 maybe a little bit too steep for some and I would say it could cost around $10 less. Still, you are getting a lot of extra features for the price and I don’t see major shortcomings that could be a deal breaker