Xiaomi Mi 4C vs Nexus 5X Comparison: Guess who wins?

by Joel 5

Google announced the LG Nexus 5X handset a couple of days back. After seeing the specifications of the device, we immediately realized that the phone had specs quite similar to Xiaomi’s Mi 4c. Hence, we decided to compare both the devices to see which one comes out as the winner.

xiaomi mi4c vs nexus 5x

One might think the Nexus 5X to be very similar to the Xiaomi Mi 4c, which is true to a certain extent but they have their differences.


If we start from the exterior designs and the displays, the Nexus 5X will have a 5.2 inch Full HD display while that of the Xiaomi 4c is also a Full HD screen but with only a 5 inch size. Dimension wise, the Xiaomi 4c is 7.8mm thick while the Nexus 5X is expected come with a body of around 7.9mm thickness.

Both the devices have very different looks, with Xiaomi aiming for a simple yet elegant design, while LG looking for a soft polycarbonate design much like its predecessor. But both the handsets look quite good. So, we leave it up to you to decide which ones better.



In terms of processing hardware, both smartphones are powered by the Qualcomm hexa-core processor Snapdragon 808 with 2GB RAM. The operating systems on both will be Android, Marshmallow version going to the Nexus 5X while the Lollipop version is on the Xiaomi Mi 4c. Like all Nexus devices, you can have a pure Android experience on the 5X. On the other hand, the MIUI 7 on the Mi 4c is also quite feature rich and user friendly.

Both phones come in two models, one having 16GB storage and another version coming with 32GB storage. They are also powered by non-removable Li-Ion batteries but the Nexus 5X will house just 2700 mAh capacity while the Xiaomi Mi 4c will have 3080 mAh battery capacity and boasts quick charging technology QC 2.0.



A lot of today’s smartphones are being fitted with a 13MP rear camera and 5MP one in the front. The Nexus 5X is going to be fitted with a slightly smaller camera with a resolution of 12.3 MP. However, that doesn’t tell the whole story as the sensor features larger 1.55 microns pixels which should technically be able to capture more light. So, this should translate into better picture quality. The Mi 4c on the other hand will have a regular 13MP camera. Both phones will have a 5MP front facing shooter and are fitted with a dual tone LED flash at the back.



On the communication front all the standard LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity solutions are supported on both phones. However, the Nexus 5X in turn boasts about having a fingerprint sensor and a barometer as exceptional features. The Xiaomi Mi 4c has an FM radio tuner for additional entertainment and an infrared port for supplemental connection but the Nexus 5X supposedly does not support these features.


The Nexus 5X which comes in three cover colors is expected to be sold with a relatively higher price tag of around $380. The Xiaomi Mi 4c which is manufactured with an option of five colors can be bought online for just about $249. That’s a difference of more than $120!

As you can see, except for the fingerprint sensor on board and the camera (expecting it to be better than the 13MP Mi 4c’s sensor), the Xiaomi Mi 4c can be called as the winner here. With a larger battery, infrared port, MIUI 7 and the pricing advantage, the Mi 4c does seem to be the better choice here.

Let me know which phone do you think is better?