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Deal: Best Chance To Save $180 For The Powerful LeTV One Pro!

by Joe 19

There’s no denying that LeTV One Pro, nearly six months after its release is still one of the most value of money device in the market right now. The all metal built and powerful specs, makes it the OnePlus 2 killer. However, since the phone was essentially released for the Chinese market, many were disappointed with price that they had to pay via third party retailers.

leTV One Pro deal

However, now would be a good chance to get the smartphone as OPPOMART is offering this powerful flagship for just $319. That’s a great price for a phone with such powerful specs.

To recap, the LeTV One Pro comes with the octa-core Snapdragon 810 chip with 4GB of RAM on board and 32GB of storage. You get a 5.5-inch 2K display from Sharp, which should be vibrant even under sunlight. There’s a 13MP OIS camera at the back, and support for FDD-LTE networks. OPPOMART informs us that the model will work in Asia, Europe and Australian continents. Dual SIM support, USB Type-C port and 3000mAh makes sure that the phone outperforms its competitors.

We think for $319, the LeTV One Pro is a great buy! Let us know if you feel the same.

Also, remember that this deal is only till October 20, so make sure to avail this offer as soon as you can if you are interested.


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  • Oro Blu

    Be very careful, Oppomart
    stole me almost 400eur on refound (sent me a used mobile of another old model and
    i sent back), they just wait PayPal time expire, don’t let time expire even
    they implore. Do not trust Oppomart.

    I buy from aliexpress and pandawill, it never happen something like this

  • Tremaine Underwood

    Hi guys, I think you might be mistaken with this article. I find Oppo mart confusing myself, it shows 3264GB but when you actually select an option it only gives you the 32GB. I think the price is for the 32GB version

    • Tremaine Underwood

      Wait rereading it I see you do say 32gb version, but in the picture above it says 64GB.

      • Sorry, it’s a mistake, only the 32GB version is available, but it’s still a good deal at that price. 😀

  • bojan radovanovic

    Let me see.. 319+80 (25% of TAX), it’s 400$ if there is no shipping costs. For a device with no real an easy getting guarantee, NO THANKS.
    For that money i can buy iP6s, SGS 6, Xperia Z5,or any other flagship that my network ofer with 1 year contract, and it comes with two years of EU guarantee.
    So, LeTV…keep it in China.

    • Steve B

      And you’re visiting and posting on the GizmoCHINA site because…?

      • bojan radovanovic

        Caude i like to keep informed, tnx for asking.

    • RoS

      Yeah 1 year contract 🙂

      • bojan radovanovic

        well,anyway i will use my carrier more then just one year…so, why wouldn’t i buy flagship for 300E,and after year buy anotherone, and thisone give to someone,or even sell it for 200E

    • deimos

      if you live in europe you have no tax

      • bojan radovanovic

        EU, but not whole europe. i live in Norway…so, yes, there is tax if i buy it

  • Oro Blu

    Do not trust Oppomart.

    I buy two time from oppomart first time they
    sent me a new phone, second time a used phone, I sent back and they stole me
    400 euro on refound.

    “I’m sorry the packet arrived empty are you sure
    you put the phone inside?”

    Come on!

    Ibuy from aliexpress and pandawill, it never happen something like this.

  • Janos

    What about SAR? I can’t find any info.

  • Acer_Predator

    yeah but is this that best letv is this that max? or it is that lowe version ?

    • Gabriel Macht

      different models, LeMax is the one with better specs.. the one with 6.33″ screen and premium pricing.

      So, LeOne Pro would be considered their flagship.

      • Acer_Predator

        Seen it the software is crap

        • Gabriel Macht

          not sure about the Pro model.. but the Max model after 10 months of usage.. seems really smooth, no major bugs noticed.

          it just has lots of annoying chinese apps pre-installed.

          • Acer_Predator

            Easy root and remove all crap

      • Acer_Predator

        New letv coming..