iPhone 6S Plus vs OUKITEL U7 Pro

by shanos 3

We have today received a video from Oukitel showing the iPhone 6S Plus vs OUKITEL U7 Pro.

Surprisingly the blatantly iPhone 6S Plus influenced $69.99 (£46) Oukitel U7 Pro stands up quite well in the test, especially when you consider the pocket money price/performance ratio.

In the video Oukitel ask if you think the styling is similar to that of Apples iPhone 6S Plus, I would say the answer is pretty obvious to this, although the lack off visible plastic lines on the rear shell might suggest that it is plastic rather than metal, as the lines found on iPhones are their to allow the ariels to function through the metal rear casing.

Oukitel also show off gaming on the U7 Pro, if you consider the processor and the price of just $69.99, I would say it looks like its doing a great job keeping up with the graphically intensive driving game, however the iPhone does not appear to be running the game at full speed, this could be to do with the chosen car, as it seems a bit odd given the power of the processor under the hood of the iPhone 6S Plus that it would run this slowly, a better comparison would be to have both games running the same car on the same track.

Oukitel have also highlighted the Wi-Fi download speeds of the U7 Pro, something that appears a lot quicker than the iPhone 6S.

Personally I would like to run the tests independently to prove that things are as they seem, Oukitel if your listening I would welcome a test sample of the Oukitel U7 Pro to do an unbiased iPhone 6S Plus vs OUKITEL U7 Pro head to head.

You can check out the video for the iPhone 6 vs OUKITEL U7 Pro below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Regards Shanos

The Oukitel U7 Pro can be pre-ordered here for just $69.99 (£46)

original article posted on gadgetz.tv

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