The Best Cheap Drone Under $60? – Flymemo DM007 Review

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Flymemo DM007 RC Quadcopter Drone Review: VIDEO REVIEW

Flymemo DM007 RC Quadcopter Drone Review: UNBOXING

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The drone comes in a rather huge box and what you are getting inside of it includes a remote control, which is very comfortable to use and very responsive, and it has the a little display, which shows a lot of useful information like speed, signal strength, the battery power and so on.
Also, there is a removable battery, which may be tricky to install for the first time as you need to manage the cable to squeeze the battery inside the drone.
Other contents include a spare set of blades, a proprietary charger and instruction manuals.

Flymemo DM007 RC Quadcopter Drone Review: DESIGN and BUILD

The very first impressions you are going to get are that the Flymemo drone is very light and it feels kind of plasticky.
However, I’ve dropped it a lot of times on various surfaces and given the fact that some of the crashes were pretty hard, I’m surprised that the drone still works flawlessly. Naturally, there is some cosmetic damage but it can be very easily fixed by yourself or you can buy some spare parts for a very low price.
Both front and back sides of the drone have some nicely flashing LED lights which also allow you to fly the drone at night.
Keep in mind that my review unit came without the optional 2MP camera but you can order the one with the camera included or buy it separately as a spare part.
Overall, the Flymemo DM007 Quadcopter is well and thoughtfully built despite feeling very plasticky.

Flymemo DM007 RC Quadcopter Drone Review: FLYING EXPERIENCE, EASE OF CONTROL

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I have to tell you that the Flymemo was my first drone ever but what I’ve learned is that it is really easy to control. Also, the remote controller is very sensitive and I had no range issues whatsoever. It takes just a little bit of practice and you will enjoy flying it. 
It’s worth mentioning that the drone has the beginner and pro speed modes and I suggest you starting with the beginner. Also, I advise you going to the huge field with soft surface like grass if you are just learning how to fly the drone.
As far as the battery life, I could get around 7 minutes of flight time, which is the same as advertised.

Flymemo DM007 RC Quadcopter Drone Review: CONCLUSIONS

The Flymemo DM007 is a nice and inexpensive drone, which is built in a way that it can survive numerous drops due to its protective construction. Also, it is really easy to fly it as it has a beginner mode with lower speed. I have to tell you that I really enjoyed  playing with it.
In addition, the remote controller has a nice little display which shows a lot of useful information and I didn’t get any signal issues with the drone.
The embedded LED lights look very cool and they allow you to fly the drone even at night. 
However, I didn’t like the way you need to install the battery as you have to squeeze the cable first and then it may take a few more seconds to fit the battery in.
All in all, the Flymemo DM007 drone is a pretty cool gadget for the price as it does all the things right, it is easy to control and it is a lot of fun flying it.