Ausdom M05 Over the ear Bluetooth Headset Review

by Frank Tu 2

The company AUSDOM  is headquartered in Shenzhen, and mainly deals with IP cameras, car electronics and a few headphones. The AUSDOM M05 is an over-ear headphone for about $40 USD, which can be connected both via Bluetooth and a 3.5mm jack.

Packaging and content



The packaging is a simple black box with the mapped headphones. On the back are the most important information.

Accessories include a storage bag, a quick start guide (in German), a USB to micro-USB for charging and a 3.5mm jack cable. Which means that this headset also supports wired audio playback, which is very rare to see in headphones in this price range.


Material and Design


The AUSDOM M05  act really high quality and are well crafted. Especially the bracket is very robust but still flexible. The bracket on the sides is made ​​of plastic, which is slightly roughened. Thus, it is not only high quality but also really feels like that. Like us itself very well built, and feels very good either when wearing it or just holding it, or left around the neck.


The bracket on the top side has a carbon-look but is made of soft foam as well as the inside of the strap. The transitions are all handled properly, here we have nothing to complain about. The earpieces on the sides are also provided with a soft carbon coating.


Here is a short demonstration of how flexible the headphones really are.


The padded earcups is very comfortable to wear. According AUSDOM supposed to be a kind of artificial protein leather, whatever that is. The bracket can be pulled out sufficiently so that should really find the headphones on each head a proper fit. A proper fit is very important for longer sessions when one is working on a computer or out on a run.


The headphones have exercise on a very good fit without much pressure on the ears. The soft reference of the ear cups feels fluffy and comfortable.

The ear is completely covered, thus ensuring a good shielding of ambient noise.

Technical specifications:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 EDR
  • Hands-Free
  • built-in microphone
  • aptX Protocol Support
  • 20 hrs. Playback or talk time
  • 250 Std.Standby
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • Frequency range 20-20.000Hz)


Function Keys


On the left side you will find the microphone behind a lattice, the on / power button and the volume loud and soft key. In addition then still beside the 3.5mm jack input.

On the right side then the microUSB input for charging, the Pause / Play and skip track buttons.


The coupling takes place via Bluetooth simplistic about the hold the Power button. A female voice in English has a friendly then out.Otherwise, all the keys worked perfectly in our tests and had a good pressure point.



The M05 has additionally an integrated microphone. The supports all devices that can be connected via Bluetooth. But rather below average but to use it, the quality of the microphone to call quite suitable. But it puts more emphasis on good mic for long Skype sessions etc. one should seek something else prefer.

The sound

But as always, the most important thing – How is the sound and they are good what?


The sound of the M05 AUSDOM we would rather describe as average.Overall, they are very bassy, ​​where unfortunately the mids and highs to go a bit lost. Especially because of the missing middle is something missing the dynamism but for people who love good bass, you may appropriately. The rest would then have been a neat equalizer countermeasures. You can not use the example in wide Xiaomi Headphones keep up but the games in a different league and are also more expensive. Overall, however, probably better than the Bluedio Turbine headphones but slightly worse than the cheaper Leme B20.


Conclusion and Recommendation


Our conclusion for Ausdom M05 headset is somewhat ambivalent. One must not forget, of course, that we are talking about a nearly $40 USD headphones. Overall, we lack at the sound of the balance and the dynamics of actually otherwise quite nice headphones. Here are the bass then too dominant. The microphone is unfortunately also not so great but that the M05 are very well made, very light and have a good comfort even during long listening sessions.